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  • SKY MASTER Auto Antena za set top box sa ugradjenim pojacavacem od 22db .

    Antena dobija napajanje iz STB .

    Antena se jednopstavno ukljuci u STB i odmah radi

    moze se koristiti na svim STB, kucnim , auto itd .
    antena ima i kabli sa konektorom za STB .

    novo ne korisceno


    999 RSD

    8,47 €

  • Ispravno i testirano, ide bez daljinskog sa napajanjem. . . CuboVision® is Telecom Italia`s new personal and interactive TV. A single device that allows you to access free and paid digital terrestrial TV channels (DTT decoders), pause them and resume watching whenever you want (Pause TV). Organize your personal content such as photos, videos and music (250GB hard drive). See the best of interactive TV, Web and Video On Demand. Take advantage of the most requested information services such as news, horoscope and weather. You can also record, thanks to the personal video recording function, and play and bet with Intralot. The technological heart of Cubovision® is an innovative Intel processor. Over time, the product will be enriched with new features and new services, thanks to online updates! Cubovision® is equipped with a digital terrestrial decoder with a CAM interface for receiving the premium encrypted channels of any broadcaster operator (the CAM module is sold separately). Cubovision® connects to the TV antenna and to an ADSL line with a flat profile, not on demand.
    If you are a Telecom Italia customer you can pay for your purchases, such as movies, comfortably on your Telecom Italia account, otherwise by credit card. What`s in the 1.4 kilograms of the new `Cube` by Telecom? An Intel Atom CE 4150 (1.2 GHz) processor, 250 GB hard drive and 1 GB of DDR3 RAM. On the front of the interfaces we find the HDMI 1.3, component, composite, optical digital audio output, Common Interface, Ethernet 10/100 BASE-T, two USB 2.0 and an SD Card slot.

    To complete the picture of connectivity we have 802.11 b / g / n wireless support, bluetooth and an integrated IR receiver for the remote control. CuboVision supports PAL video modes at CuboVision gives you access to thousands of on-demand content with more than 1500 hours of programming hours and over 200 titles per month in a catalog of TV series, cartoons, documentaries, concerts and movies, thanks to agreements with the most important Italian and international production companies CuboVision is also a Digital Terrestrial decoder that allows you to see not only the programming of free terrestrial digital TV, but also all Premium packages `, said the company.

    `You can also enter the world of CuboVision using the Samsung Smart TV connected TVs, tune to the digital terrestrial channel 999 with the new` DGTVi Gold `decoders or, with the utmost simplicity, by connecting to PC at cubovision. it Telecom. Italy will soon make available the possibility to download the CuboVision Application from the Apple and Samsung Application Stores to connect to the multimedia platform via tablet and smartphone, `concluded Telecom. 76p, 720p, 1080i and 1080p. On the format front, Telecom offers a list that you can consult here . There are no official details on the `operational` system, but in the past there was talk of MeeGo . The price of CuboVision is 199 euros, but Telecom customers can have it by paying in installments (in the bill) from 5.5 euros per month for 36 months. POGLEDAJTE I OSTALE MOJE OGLASE

    8.400 RSD

    71,23 €

  • dostupno novo
    Digitalni zemaljski prijemnik DVB-T / T2, H.264, FullHD rezolucija 1920 x 1080, LED display, USB PVR mogućnost snimanja, Povezivost USB2.0, HDMI, RF, SCART. Media Player, podržani formati MKV, AVI, MPG, MP4, TS, VOB, JPEG, MP3, jednostavna instalacija, kompaktan dizajn, Time Shift, EPG. Frekventni opseg 108 - 862MHz, Nadogradnja software-a via USB. Napajanje DC 5V

    3.300 RSD

    27,98 €

  • VIVAX Elektronska aktivna antena sa kvalitetnim pojacavacem ojacana filterom protiv 4G mreznih smetnji

    Model UA-810

    Napajanje 5V direktno iz risivera

    Antena je predvidjena za sobne primene kada je jacina signala dovoljna ili za montazau ispod krova ili drugog mesta koje nije izlozeno vremenskim uslovima / vlaga , kisa / a ukoliko se zahteva takva montaza moze se montirati u neku zastitnu foliju .
    Vivax sobna antena UA 810
    VIVAX IMAGO sobna antena sa pojačalom
    flet panel
    Slim dizajn
    SDM PCB tehnologija
    Mogućnost povezivanja na DVB-T
    Horizontalno i vertikalno primanje signala
    Mogućnost napajanja preko digitalnot TV risivera
    Boja: crna

    1.999 RSD

    16,95 €

  • Ispravan i testiran. .. ide bez daljinskog sa napajanjem. . POGLEDAJTE I OSTALE MOJE OGLASE

    999 RSD

    8,47 €

  • Ispravan i ® DVB 1770 2nd - 3.80 cm flat and 14 cm narrow digital terrestrial receiver
    The cmx ® DVB 1770 2nd stands for the reception of free digital terrestrial TV and radio channels.

    Main connections - ideal for the camper
    Besides the SCART output for the TV, the antenna input is also available.
    For signal reception, only high-quality cables with low attenuation should be used in order to lose as little signal quality as possible in the cable.

    Farewell to TV program - the electronic program guide continues to help
    The electronic program guide displays information about current and future programs.
    The scope of this information is determined by the program provider.

    Handy and easy-to-use remote control

    The handy remote control allows convenient access to 8 configurable favorites lists, as well as 600 program memory locations for television and radio.
    Digital terrestrial receiver for receiving all free digital TV and radio channels
    compact dimensions - only 14 cm wide
    Sleep timer - automatic shutdown after a specified time
    8 favorite lists for favorite stations
    Scope of delivery: DVB-T 1770 2nd, infrared remote control, 2 AAA batteries, German user manual
    Product InformationManufacturerCMXManufacturer referenceDVB-T 1770 2ndpackaging dimensions18 x 17 x 6.6 cm; 422 gProduct Weight incl. Packaging422 g POGLEDAJTE I OSTALE MOJE OGLASE

    1.299 RSD

    11,02 €

  • General
    The CODICO® IRD-2600 is a professional receiver decoder rich in variety of video, audio and customizable options, based on MPEG-2 and DVB standards, ensuring an interoperable solution for the professional broadcaster.

    • Digital Turnaround
    • CATV Headend distribution
    • Satellite, Telecom distribution
    • DVB-CI Decryption for Transport Stream re-multiplexing
    • ASI DVB interface for: Transport stream monitoring, re-multiplexing and Decoder cascading

    Features and Options
    • 4:2:0 [email protected]
    • ASI Transport Stream input or output (option)
    • Configured and controlled through front panel, terminal and remote control unit
    • VBI for Re-Insertion in Composite and SDI
    • DVB Subtitling
    • Redundancy support, GPI
    • SDI, AES/EBU output (option)
    • Enhanced DVB Monitoring Features
    • Embedded Audio in SDI and Re-insertion of VBI
    • OSD (On Screen Display) on 2 video outputs or on monitoring output only, providing one uninterrupted broadcast video and one for diagnostics and monitoring
    • Dolby Digital (AC-3) LT/RT Downmixing (option)
    • Dolby Digital (AC-3) Pass-Through (option)

    19.500 RSD

    165,35 €

  • D3 daljinski ispravan

    500 RSD

    4,24 €


    600 RSD

    5,09 €

  • Ispravan i testiran, ide sa napajanjem i daljinskim. . . . With the Pace DCR-7111 Mediabox you watch television in HD quality. You also have access to Ziggo`s interactive services, such as ordering On Demand films and series and watching programs via TV Missed. With the Electronic Program Guide (EPG) you know exactly when your favorite programs will be broadcast. Characteristics
    suitable for digital television in HD quality
    suitable for digital radio
    suitable for interactive television
    This is how you install the Pace DCR-7111

    Technical specifications
    1 HD tuner
    1 HDMI connection
    1 SCART connection
    on / off button on the back
    USB connection not active
    ethernet connection not active
    no internal hard disk
    no component connection


    1.999 RSD

    16,95 €