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  • Cena je iskazana za komad.
    Kataloški broj: 0 242 250 506
    Proizvođač: BOSCH
    Razmak izmedju elektroda [mm]: 0,7
    Obrtni moment pri pokretanju [Nm]: 20
    Ugao nagiba [stepen]: 90
    Spoljasnji navoj [mm]: 14
    Korak navoja [mm]: 1,25
    Duzina navoja [mm]: 12,7
    Sirina kljuca: 20,8
    Polozaj varnice [mm]: 1
    Broj polova: 1

    250 RSD

    2,11 €

  • Vintage Keyboard Sound Engine with six incredibly detailed vintage keyboard types Each keyboard type matches a carefully chosen Drive and Tremolo setting to provide an incredibly musical pairing The six keyboard types are: RdI, early '70s tine electric piano RdII, late '70s tine electric piano Wr, late '60s reed electric piano Clv, 70s struck string Clavinet Toy, toy piano CP, Yamaha CP80 electric grand piano Five stomp box-style effects with direct control The effect types are: Drive (adds harmonics and distortion) Tremolo (Auto-Pan for Rd) or VCM Wah with adjustable depth and rate Chorus with... browsing. Amplifiers and Speakers Amplifiers 2 W x 2 Speakers 3 cm x 2 Power Supply Power Consumption 6 W (When using PA-130 power adaptor) Battery Life Approximately 5 hours Auto Power Off Yes Power Supply Adaptors PA-130 or an equivalent recommended by Yamaha Batteries Six “AA” size batteries or Ni-MH

    55.717 RSD

    471,35 €

  • The CP40 STAGE features a selection of voices from the CFIIIS of Yamaha’s Premium hand-crafted grand piano, vintage EPs with VCM effects, and a variety of sounds based on our flagship MOTIF synth have been matched with an 88-note Graded Hammer action to provide the amazingly realistic piano touch and response. Keyboards CP4 STAGE 88-key Graded Hammer (GH) keyboard Voices Tone Generation Tone Generating Technology SCM (Spectral Component Modeling) + AWM2 Polyphony Number of Polyphony (Max.) 128 Preset Number of Voices 297(CF:15, Rd:3, Wr:6, CP80:8, DX:18, Clav, Organ:49, Strings, Choir, PAD:67... contents AC adaptor (PA-150 or an equivalent recommended by Yamaha), FC3 foot pedal, Owner’s Manual, Online Manual CD-ROM (containing Reference Manual, Synthesizer Parameter Manual, and Data List)

    219.796 RSD

    1.859,4 €

  • , BOSCH +3, BOSCH +16, BOSCH 0 241 225 816, BOSCH 0 242 225 599, BOSCH 0 242 225 859, BOSCH 0 242 229 656, BOSCH 0 242 229 880, BOSCH 0 242 229 901, BOSCH WR8DC, BOSCH WR8DC+, BOSCH WR9DC, BOSCH WR9DC+, CHAMPION 2415, CHAMPION EON6, CHAMPION OE042, CHAMPION OE042/T10, CHAMPION OE045, CHAMPION OE045/T... 302, SUBARU 490010033, SUZUKI 09482-00155, SUZUKI 09482-00167-001, TOYOTA 90919-01051, UNIPART GSP244, UNIPART GSP264, UNIPART GSP4472, YAMAHA 94701-00328, YAMAHA 94703-00328, YANMAR 160793-78010
    Motor / Menjac / Boja: 2T, 3K, 3K-B, 3K-C, 3K-H, 3Y, 4 G 15, 4G11, 4G12, 4G12 T, 4

    338 RSD

    2,86 €